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Construction industry quality management system

2021-04-16 08:37:19
Construction industry quality management system

Test item: GB/T50430 (ISO9001) quality management system for construction industry

Construction industry quality management system

The full name of ISO50430:2007 is "Code for Quality Management of Engineering Construction Enterprises". It is the Ministry of Construction in order to strengthen the quality management of engineering construction companies and regulate the construction companies from project bidding, construction contract signing, construction site survey, construction drawing design, and construction Related work instructions, man-machine material entry, construction process management and construction process inspection, internal completion acceptance, completion delivery acceptance, file transfer personnel leaving the site, warranty services and a series of processes to draft standards, the purpose of which is to promote construction enterprises Fully implement ISO50430:2007. ISO14001

1. In terms of bidding, three certificates can increase the winning score and increase the bid winning rate;

2. Keep all the work of the enterprise under control, optimize and consolidate the business process;

Clear responsibilities and clear interfaces between the company, branch and project department;

Engineering and technical personnel conduct technical clarifications and obtain standardized management;

Standardized management of incoming inspection and testing of raw materials;

Strengthen supervision and standardized management of various types of concealed projects such as foundations, pipelines, and special projects;

Standardized management of phased projects and completion acceptance data;

Strengthen management and standardization of various construction drawings, records, forms and customer information;

The qualifications of the "five members" are regulated and managed.

3. Through the initial environmental assessment, it can identify major environmental factors, formulate management plans for major environmental factors, effectively control the discharge of exhaust gas, waste water, noise, ash, and smoke at the construction site, and fulfill its commitment to environmental protection;

4. Be able to grasp the environmental protection laws and regulations that must be implemented in the engineering construction industry more comprehensively and timely, improve the environmental management level of the enterprise and the environmental protection awareness of employees, and ensure the reduction of environmental pollution around the construction site, and be responsible to the society and related parties without complaints Situation arises

5. Determine occupational safety and health policies, classification of major hazards, formulate occupational safety and health goals and indicators, occupational safety and health management plans, establish and implement a three-level monitoring mechanism; greatly reduce various industrial accidents and occupational disease risks, and reduce enterprises Expenditure on medical care reduces the operating costs of the enterprise; guarantees the occupational health and life safety of the employees of the enterprise, guarantees the safety of the enterprise’s property, and improves work efficiency.

Occupational Health Management System

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