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Environmental Management System

2021-04-16 09:06:38
Environmental Management System

Test item: ISO14001 environmental management system

Environmental Management System

The current new version of ISO 14001 is also the 2015 version, which is the code name for environmental management system certification. The ISO 14000 series of standards are environmental management system standards formulated by the International Organization for Standardization. It is aimed at the increasingly serious global environmental pollution and ecological destruction. Major environmental problems such as ozone layer destruction, global warming, and loss of biodiversity threaten the future survival and development of mankind. It conforms to the needs of international environmental protection and is based on the international economy. Developed for the needs of trade development. Quality system

The implementation of the ISO14001 standard by enterprises is to save energy, reduce consumption, turn waste into treasure, reduce environmental protection expenditures, and reduce costs. The establishment and implementation of an environmental management system can reduce the generation and discharge of pollutants, promote waste recycling, save energy, save raw materials, avoid fines and sewage charges, and reduce costs.

Many countries clearly stipulate that companies that produce products should pass ISO14001 certification. Failure to pass ISO14001 certification has become a technical obstacle for companies to gain a larger domestic market share and conduct international trade. Therefore, only the implementation of the ISO14001 environmental management system can improve the overall management level of the company. Only by improving corporate image and reducing environmental risks can companies better occupy domestic and foreign markets.

The need for enterprises to move towards benign and long-term development Passing the ISO14001 standard certification can effectively promote the coordinated and sustainable development of the enterprise environment and economy, and enable the enterprise to move on a path of benign and long-term development. It is the need to fulfill social responsibilities. The current environmental pollution poses a great threat to human survival and has attracted the attention of countries all over the world. It is the responsibility of the whole society in the world to protect the environment on which mankind depends. Every enterprise has the responsibility to work hard to minimize the environmental impact. It can reduce environmental risks caused by pollution accidents or violations of laws and regulations. Increase the opportunities for enterprises to obtain preferential credit and insurance policies. Quality management system

The ISO 14000 series of standards are, in the final analysis, a set of management standards. It is the crystallization of the experience of environmental management in industrialized countries. When formulating national standards, it takes into account the conditions of different countries and tries to make the standards generally applicable.

·The positive impact of ISO 14001 standard on enterprises is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

·Establish corporate image and improve corporate reputation

·Encourage companies to consciously abide by environmental laws and regulations

·Encourage companies to consider their impact on the environment in their production, operations, services and other activities, and reduce environmental load

·Enable companies to obtain a "green pass" to enter the international market

·Enhance the environmental awareness of employees

·Encourage companies to save energy, recycle waste, and reduce operating costs

·Encourage companies to strengthen environmental management

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