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Food safety management system

2021-04-16 08:34:42
Food safety management system

Test item: HACCP (ISO22000) food safety management system

Food safety management system

Both the ISO22000 standard and the HACCP system are a risk management tool that enables the implementer to reasonably identify the hazards that will occur and develop a comprehensive and effective plan to prevent and control the hazards. However, the HACCP system is derived from the internal control system of a certain product safety, focusing on the monitoring of the entire production process; and the ISO22000 standard applies to the food safety management of the entire food chain industry, not only includes all the contents of the HACCP system, And integrated into the entire management activities of the enterprise, the system is complete and logical, and belongs to the safety assurance system of food enterprises.

The ISO22000 standard is a food safety management system framework applicable to the entire food chain industry. It expands the food safety management system from focusing on the seven principles of HACCP, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), SSOP (Sanitation Standard Specification) and other technical requirements to the entire food chain, and manages food safety as a system, adding The flexibility of application. At the same time, the format of the clauses of the ISO22000 standard is the same as that of ISO9001: 2000. It can be combined with other enterprise management systems such as quality management system and environmental management system, which is more helpful for enterprises to establish an integrated management system. ISO22000 refers to 2005 Food Safety Management System ISO22000:2005 Food Safety Management System. It is the basis for organization certification and registration. It is this international standard. The application requires internal audit, second-party audit, and third-party audit.

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point. The HACCP system is an internationally recognized and accepted food safety assurance system, mainly for the safety control of microbial, chemical and physical hazards in food. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the World Health Organization began to strongly recommend this food safety management system in the late 1980s. The areas where the HACCP system is developed include: drinking milk, cream, fermented milk, lactic acid bacteria beverages, cheese, raw noodles, tofu, fish and ham, egg products, salads, dehydrated vegetables, condiments, mayonnaise, bento, frozen shrimp, canned food , Beef food, pastries, refreshing drinks, mechanically cut meat, salt-dried meat, frozen vegetables, honey, fruit juice, vegetable juice, animal feed, etc. my country's food and aquatic products industry introduced the HACCP system earlier. In 2002, my country officially launched the pilot work for accreditation of HACCP system certification bodies. At present, most of the countries where the HACCP system is well promoted and applied are mandatory to implement the HACCP system. Safety management system

The national standard GB/T15091-1994 "Basic Terminology of the Food Industry" defines HACCP as: a control method for producing (processing) safe food; analyzing raw materials, key production procedures and human factors that affect product safety to determine the processing process In the key links of the process, establish and improve monitoring procedures and monitoring standards, and adopt standardized corrective measures. The international standard CAC/RCP-1 "General Principles of Food Hygiene, 1997 Revised 3 Edition" defines HACCP as a system for identifying, evaluating and controlling hazards that are critical to food safety.

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