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EMC testing

2019-01-15 10:53:31

1. EMC: Electromagnetic compatibility. Electromagnetic compatibility refers to the function of a device or system that operates perfectly in its electromagnetic environment without causing intolerable electromagnetic interference to other objects in the environment. EMC testing is a series of tests to ensure the electromagnetic compatibility of products.

  2, EMC definition: In the same electromagnetic environment, the equipment can work normally without interference from other equipment, and at the same time, it will not cause interference to other equipment. Waterproof detection of lamps and lanterns

  3, EMC three elements, the lack of any one can not constitute an EMC problem: interference source, coupling path, sensitive equipment


   Common abbreviations:


  1, EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility): electromagnetic compatibility

  2, EMI (Electromagnetic Interference): electromagnetic interference

  3, EMS (Electromagnetic Susceptibility): electromagnetic immunity

  4, OATS (Open Area Test Site): open field

   5. CISPR: International Special Committee on Radio Interference

   6, (International Electrotechnical Commission): International Electrotechnical Commission

  7, EUT (Equipment Under Test): equipment under test

   8. FCC (Federal Communication Commission): Federal Communications Commission

  9, CE: The letter "CE" is the abbreviation of the French sentence "Conformite Europeene", which means the European Union.

Testing and certification

EMC testing standard classification:

  1. Product category special standard: specific requirements for in vitro diagnostic equipment

  2. Product standards: standards for a certain type of product, for example: EN 61326-1): Electromagnetic compatibility requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use. Part 1: General requirements

3. General standards: stipulate a series of test methods and limit requirements, and give the environment that these method requirements apply to, for example: EN61000-6-2: The general standard for environmental immunity in industrial areas is the formulation of other EMC standards Basic, usually does not involve specific product categories. Battery test certification

  4. Basic standards such as EN61000-4-X series standards


  Common EMC test items

  EMC test-composition

   EMC includes two major items: EMI (interference) and EMS (sensitivity, anti-interference)

  Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) test:

  Semi-Anchoic Chamber Test

   Conduction Test (EMI Conduction Test)

   Disturbance Power Test

   Harmonics Test (Harmonics Test)

   Voltage Flicker Test (Flicker Test)

   Discontinuous Interference Test (Click Test)

  Electromagnetic tolerance (EMS) test:

   Electrostatic resistance test (ESD) IEC61000-4-2, GB/T17626.2

   Radio frequency radiation resistance test (RS)

   Impulse Noise Test (EFT) IEC61000-4-4 and GB/T17626.4

   Lightning resistance test (Surge)

   Resistance to radio frequency conduction test (CS)

  Power frequency magnetic field test (Magnetic Field)

   Withstand voltage fluctuation test (Voltage Dips & Interruptions)


Third-party testing

   Our services are divided into EMC testing by industry:

   1. Home appliances and consumer electronics EMC testing

  2, EMC testing of medical devices

  3, military and aerospace equipment EMC testing

  4. Telecommunications equipment (IT) EMC test


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