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TUV certification

2021-04-15 18:07:52
TUV certification

Certification items: TUV certification

TUV certification

TUV testing (Technischer überwachüngs-Verein) means Technical Inspection Association in English. TUV testing is similar to China’s Technical Quality Supervision Bureau. In the early days of its establishment, each state had independent TUV institutions, but the difference is that the TUVs of each state are all An independent third-party agency rather than a government agency, but it has undertaken tasks authorized by many countries. With mergers and mergers, until 2008, the largest in Germany was TUV SUD (TUV SUD), and the second largest was TUV Rheinland. The current TUV institutions in mainland China generally refer to TUV South Germany or TUV Rheinland. FCC certification

TUV certification process

1. The TUV certification body will regularly calibrate the test and measurement equipment

2. Use appropriate statistical techniques in the TUV standard

3. TUV product identification and traceability system

4. Record keeping system

5. The handling, storage, packaging, protection and transportation system of TUV quality inspection products are required

6. Inspection and test system and system for handling nonconforming products

7. Sufficient training for personnel engaged in product production

TUV certification scope

1. Consultancy services for the certification of radio and communication products

2. Product testing: short-range wireless equipment, wireless LAN, GSM, CDMA, DECT, Bluetooth, PMR, micro equipment, PLG, modem, ISDN, ADSL, xDSL, communication network equipment, etc.

3. According to the ETSI standard, the American FCC standard, and other countries such as Australia, Singapore, Japan and other national standards for radio communication equipment testing 4. Information notice on the permitted frequency spectrum in Europe

5. Electromagnetic compatibility test

6. Electrical safety and health protection test (SAR evaluation)

7. Test the compatibility and quality of analog and digital terminal equipment

8. Conduct door-to-door or public training and seminars for radio and communication equipment

9. Restricted substance testing

10. Light industry product testing

11. Reliability test

12. Guided testing and certification of automotive products. For example, in 2012, we guided China Kaiwei to complete the construction of a product testing center for vehicle external construction systems and complete the certification of some products.

NOM certification

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