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BIS certification

2021-04-15 18:27:38
BIS certification

Certification testing: BIS certification

BIS certification

BIS certification is the ISI certification issuing agency The Bureau of Indian Standards (The Bureau of Indian Standards), referred to as BIS, which is specifically responsible for product certification.

According to The BIS Act 1986 (The BIS Act, 1986), the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is specifically responsible for product certification, and it is also the only product certification body in India. BIS has 5 regional bureaus and 19 branch bureaus. It was formally established in 1987 to replace the Indian Standards Institute established in 1946.

The regional bureau supervises the corresponding branch. The 8 laboratories and some independent laboratories affiliated to BIS are responsible for the inspection of samples taken during the product certification process. These laboratories are implemented in accordance with ISO/IEC17025: 1999.

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is subordinate to the Ministry of Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution. Although it is a social legal entity, it performs government functions. Its main task is to formulate and implement national standards; implement conformity assessment systems; represent the country to participate in ISO, IEC and other international Standardization activities.

Since the predecessor of BIS, the Indian Standards Institute, began product certification in 1955, India product certification has a history of 50 years. At present, BIS has issued more than 30,000 product certification certificates, covering almost every industrial field such as agricultural products, textiles, and electronics.

Certification process

1. Apply. Foreign manufacturers who want to obtain BIS certification generally need to use a special application form and prepare relevant documents to apply to the BIS New Delhi headquarters.

2. Record. BIS reviews the application documents and materials submitted by the applicant, and records the application if the procedures are complete. Applicants must pay corresponding processing fees.

3. Initial factory inspection. BIS will assign a delegation of no more than 2 officials to the factory for inspection. Applicants shall bear the expenses of travel and visa fees of the official delegation to the factory for inspection and the corresponding inspection expenses. SASO certification

4. Issuing certificates. If the initial inspection and test results are qualified, and the applicant agrees to implement the BIS-approved inspection and test plan after certification and pay the BIS identification fee, the applicant can be issued a certificate. The certificate is valid for 1 year. After the certificate is granted, the certificate holder must pay the identification fee and the annual certificate fee every year.

5. Supervision after certification. BIS supervises the quality of its certified products through regular supervision of witnesses and surprise inspections and tests on samples in factories and markets. If it is checked regularly and the samples taken from the factory or the market meet the requirements after the factory inspection and independent test results, the certificate can be renewed. The certificate holder submits an application for renewal to BIS by submitting the designated form. The certificate renewal fee is 500 rupees. The licensee must also bear the cost of sample inspection.

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