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Information Technology Service

2021-04-15 18:49:14
Information Technology Service

Testing items: ISO20000, 27001, CMMI information technology services

Information Technology Service

ISO 20000 is an organization-oriented IT service management standard. The purpose is to provide a model for establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving an IT service management system (ITSM). The establishment of IT Service Management System (ITSM) has become an indispensable and important mechanism for various organizations, especially financial institutions, telecommunications, and high-tech industries to manage operational risks. ISO 20000 allows IT managers to have a reference frame to manage IT services, and a sound IT management level can also be demonstrated through certification. The ISO20000 standard focuses on the management of IT problems through "IT service standardization", that is, categorizing IT problems, identifying the internal connections of the problems, and then planning, implementing and monitoring according to the service level agreement, and emphasizing communication with customers. The standard also focuses on the capabilities of the system, the management level required when the system is changed, financial budget, software control and distribution.

ISO27001 Information Security Management Practical Rules ISO/IEC27001 is the predecessor of the British BS7799 standard, which was proposed by the British Standards Institute (BSI) in February 1995 and revised in May 1995. In 1999, BSI revised the standard again. BS7799 is divided into two parts: BS7799-1, Information Security Management Implementation Rules BS7799-2, Information Security Management System Specifications. One part provides recommendations for information security management for use by personnel responsible for initiating, implementing or maintaining security in their organization; the second part explains the requirements for establishing, implementing and documenting an information security management system (ISMS), and stipulates that an independent organization The need to implement security control requirements. Information security is required for every enterprise or organization, so the information security management system certification has universal applicability and is not restricted by region, industry category, and company size. Judging from the current situation of certified companies, more are involved in industries such as telecommunications, insurance, banking, data processing centers, IC manufacturing, and software outsourcing.

The full name of CMMI is Capability Maturity Model Integration (also known as: Software Capability Maturity Model Integration) [1]. It is a vision of the United States Department of Defense. It was developed by the United States Department of Defense in 1994. ) And Carnegie-Mellon University (Carnegie-Mellon University) Software Engineering Institute (SEISM) and the National Defense Industrial Association (National Defense Industrial Association) jointly developed and developed, they plan to Various capability maturity models that are currently implemented and will be developed are integrated into a framework. The prerequisite for applying for this certification is that the company has a valid software company certification. Integrated Automobile Industry System

Its purpose is to help software companies manage and improve the software engineering process, enhance development and improvement capabilities, so that they can develop high-quality software on time and within budget. It is based on the idea that as long as we concentrate our energy and continuous efforts to establish the basic structure of an effective software engineering process, and continuously carry out management practices and process improvements, we can overcome the difficulties in software development. CMMI provides a single integrated framework for improving the various processes of an organization. The new integrated model framework eliminates the inconsistency of various models, reduces duplication between models, increases transparency and understanding, and establishes an automatic, Extended framework. Therefore, the overall quality and efficiency of the organization can be improved. The main focus of CMMI is cost-effectiveness, clear focus, process concentration and flexibility.

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