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Battery testing: annual update of lithium battery transportation appraisal

2020-11-11 10:00:00


The air and sea certificate is a necessary document for the shipment of lithium batteries or goods containing lithium batteries by air or sea. Its purpose is to ensure the safety of the transportation of batteries or products with batteries. The air and sea certificates are updated annually following the annual update of the transportation rules. Its important feature is "annual validity". Component detection

       Annual validity means: For example, the certificate issued in 2020 can only be used until December 31, 2020. Shipment on January 1, 2021 must use the new version of the appraisal certificate. z The main contents of the new transportation regulations regarding lithium batteries are as follows:

Lithium battery testing

1. Special provisions for air transport approval of A88 (prototypes or low-volume production of lithium batteries that have not undergone UN38.3 testing), and special provisions of A99 air transport approval (lithium battery packs with a net weight of more than 35 kg), except for the approval of the country of origin In addition, it also requires the approval of the country where the air carrier (airline) is located, which expands the scope of the approved government involved. Antibacterial testing

2. Modified the special terms approved by A99 to ensure that when the lithium battery is transported by air in accordance with the approval, the shipper’s declaration form and packaging instructions comply with PI 974 in the ICAO TI Supplement

3. Use the new lithium battery handling mark (Lithium Battery Handling Mark), which allows this mark to be 100 x 100mm square, and the size of the small z mark is 100x70mm. This mark size is consistent with other labels. The new wording in the regulations on the use of markings indicates that the markings must be square or rectangular, which makes it possible to continue to use the current markings with a size of 120x110 mm

4. The regulations for portable electronic equipment (PED) and PED backup batteries were revised, and the regulations for electronic cigarettes and PED powered by wet, non-spillable batteries were merged into Section For illustration and clarification, it is stipulated that these are applicable to dry batteries and nickel-hydrogen batteries, not just lithium batteries. Quality Inspection and Testing Center

5. The content of special regulation A154 was revised to solve the problem of damaged and defective lithium batteries. The special regulation prohibits the transportation of lithium batteries or batteries that are identified as damaged or defective according to A154.

Battery detection

6. Amend A201 so that lithium batteries can be transported on passenger aircraft as cargo with the approval of the country of origin and the operator in case of emergency medical needs

7. PI 965~PI970 Section II, if there are multiple battery packaging instructions on one air waybill, they can be combined into one statement

8. It must be ensured that the equipment cannot be moved in the outer packaging; if there are multiple pieces of equipment in the packaging, the packaging must be firmly packed together to prevent damage caused by contact with other equipment in the packaging

Preparations for the annual renewal of the appraisal certificate in 2021 have started, and customers are requested to prepare the information in advance.

List of information:

1. Original appraisal;

2. Power of attorney, letter of guarantee.

3. Sample (required for Shenzhen DGM certificate)

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